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Who Is Andrew Funderburg

Andrew, a successful entrepreneur, defied the odds by transforming a modest $2000 investment into a 7-figure software company. An entrepreneur at heart, in addition to founding Fundy Designer, he is a consulting partner with the Go Big Formula. Andrew's unwavering dedication and strategic skills have resulted in helping other entrepreneurs to add a staggering one billion in revenue to their businesses. 

He's dedicated to:

  • Helping entrepreneurs create passive recurring revenue

  • Helping others join the 11am club by being off work before lunch

  • Health and longevity

In just the last year he has:

  • Set personal records in the 5k, 10k, half-marathon and full-marathon

  • Gone skydiving 5 times and rappelled off the tallest building in Portland, OR

  • Completely turned his health around

  • Helped countless entrepreneurs 2x-10x their revenues and work less through better understanding of systems and human behavior.

Just a few of the things he's done on this planet:

  • Worked in the former Soviet Union in the Peace Corps

  • Accidentally flooded a Paris apartment

  • Graduated with an MBA

  • Become a certified life coach and certified run coach

  • Lived in Japan for 13 years

  • Learn to speak French, Romanian and Japanese

  • Climbed Half Dome in Yosemite

  • Run the mother of all relays 6 times

We went from $296k to over $1.6 million in revenue in one calendar year and all while working less with better systems.


Makayla Jade Harris

Co-founder Of The Harris Company

We grew from $350,000 to $700,000 in revenue in the first year alone. Not to mention that we're working less than we ever have!


Jamie Schnieder

Co-founder of Dark Roux

Andrew's Top Requested Topic

How a Broken Lead Capture Cost Me Half a Million Dollars in 30 Days

Most business owners and entrepreneurs know that they need to build their own audience. But most of the time they don't know just how important it is. Andrew Funderburg has built multiple businesses on lead capture, and turning those leads into paying customers. Whether it be Fundy Designer which has amassed a list of over 200k or the Go Big Formula. He talks about why every single business needs to own their own audience, why this is important and how to capitalize on it.

Key Audience Takeaways

  • 5 Steps to Building a Profitable Audience

  • Understanding the value of owning your own audience

  • How complicated systems cost you money

Other Favorite Topics

  • What most entrepreneurs don't know about hiring the right person

  • How to flip your meeting structures for better results

  • How he is targeting to live past 100

From the moment the episode began, I could sense the positive vibes and enthusiasm radiating from Andrew. His knowledge and experience in the business world is truly awe-inspiring. With a captivating storytelling style, he delved straight into the number one rule every business owner needs to know. Trust me when I say, this nugget of wisdom alone is worth its weight in gold!


Timothy Gurule

The Dynamis Podcast

Ready to Find Out More About Booking Andrew Funderburg?

Andrew's Success is Built On His Ten Pillars

  • Commit to consistent, incremental growth

  • Commit to a purposeful life

  • Commit to family, community, world in that order

  • Create passive income streams and track net worth

  • Commit to a long, vital life

  • Be responsible and accountable

  • Contribute to your community first, then the world

  • Cultivate the right tribe

  • Cultivate an empowered mindset

  • Cultivate a spiritual and philosophical understanding of the world

Office: Nevada, USA

Text 775-383-8499


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